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Okay, here is the latest with Peter.  We went to a specialist today.  The doctor looked at all of our paperwork from all of our previous visits to ER’s and doctors offices.  He did an exam.  He determined the pain was coming from the colon…he thinks.  There is some kind of issue that he wants to check for by doing a scope in two weeks.  Kids with allergies and asthma tend to be at a higher risk for this particular condition.  I would tell you what it is but I could not pronounce it if I had to.  Whatever it is, it is treatable. 

In the meantime, he sent us to get an x-ray to make sure there was no blockage in the colon. Those results will not be back until Monday.  Peter is relieved and so am I that someone finally seems to have a plan.  He is still guessing but is a “smarter guesser” according Peter.  He added a different medicine that should give some relief in the meantime.  We are headed in the right direction I believe, finally.  Thanks for all of your prayers, please continue.  I will update you when I know more.

One thought on “The Latest

  1. Thanks, Michelle, for this update. We have been praying and we will continue!


    Jerry and Denise

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